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If you’ve read a couple of posts in this website, you should realize that we highly recommend that you stay away from other binary options trading robots. While binary options could be the next trading system in the future, there’s way too many scams surrounding it, since this is actually a new business model, with less control on your risk and budget.  Adaptive Trader Pro, on the other hand, is different.

Adaptive Trader Pro is actually about currency/ forex trading
If you are looking for an alternative to binary options we highly recommend forex trading. After all, with forex, you will have more control over your budget and risk per reward ratio. If you are new to trading, then automated software like Adaptive Trader Pro will be a big help.

Reasons why we recommend Adaptive Trader Pro robot
Reason #1: This is actually a foolproof system. This app has been tested and proven to generate 34% monthly or 1294% per year, on complete autopilot. Unlike other next binary options garbage, Adaptive Trader Pro results have been posted to trusted, third-party review site, like Myfxbook.(Check out the result on myfxbook website here)

Reason #2: This system is geared for newbies who want to make real money online. The problem with lots of forex trading systems is the fact any newbies need to learn technical analysis from scratch before starting to see their first $100 online. Learning technical analysis is actually the way professional traders to their job, but still, it is a time waster for newbies. Trading robots like Adaptive Trader Pro, on the other hand, will save years of your time.

Reason #3: You can test this on a demo account first. You don’t need to lose money first, in order to see how this software works. You can try this app on a demo account first, before putting real money on the line. Yes, this app works on any forex broker that support meta trader 4, which is actually the most popular trading platform online.

We always recommend any newbie to test their next system or strategy with a demo account first, before putting the real money on the line. This is due to fact newbies don’t have any idea on how to profit from the market properly, without proper testing.

Reason #4: This software works on almost all forex brokers, and there are tons of them all over the web. This app is not being advertised as free since this is actually not another binary options hype just to trap you into signing up for another unregulated binary broker. You can choose whatever broker that you want, but we highly recommend the regulated forex brokers which are approved by ASIC, or CySEC or FSA UK.

Reason #5: You don’t need to learn technical analysis from scratch. You can set this app on your PC or a VPS and then let it run by itself. Just like being mentioned, Adaptive Trader Pro will generate 34% profit per month, which is quite good since you don’t need to do anything else, rather than installing and running this app.

Reason #6: Great support from the software creator themselves. This is very important since apps like this require some kind of technical support, especially when you are new to trading. You can always contact them by going to the contact page.

What is and why it is related to this app?
If you are into binary options trading, then you should realize that tons of binary options products out there are actually not yet tested by trusted parties. This is due to fact that binary options trading is still a new industry.

Forex trading, on the other hand, is different. Forex/Currency trading had been around for years that there are lots of parties creating independent review sites where you can see, test and decide the right system for you. The most popular ones are Forex Peace Army ( and Myfxbook (

At Myfxbook, the creator of one particular system must register and validate their track records, so you can see that he is a real trader and not just another person pretending to be a professional trader. Adaptive Trader Pro is proven to generate steady profit per month, and even better, this system runs on auto-pilot, since it is actually a trading robot.

How to  sign up and run Adaptive Trader Pro
Step #1: Click here to sign up for Adaptive Trader Pro software app.

Step #2: Get a free demo account and download meta trader 4 (MT4) from any regulated broker.

Step #3: Test this software first on a demo account. You can run this on your PC.

Newbie section – A little bit about forex trading
Unless if you live under the rock in the past few years, you should probably hear about forex trading or currency trading. This is actually one of the biggest markets on earth with trillion of dollars in transactions per day.

Hence, if you can obtain just a little piece of pie, then you will be able to make a good amount of profit online, without having to lift your finger or do lots of work.

How to trade forex for any retail trader?
In forex, you basically trade currency pairs, such as EUR, USD, NZD, AUD, JPY and more. There are a few platforms used by traders around the globe to trade currencies, but the most popular one is meta trader 4 (MT4). MT4 is actually an all-in-one platform where you can make analysis, set up EA robots, like Adaptive Trader Pro, plot indicators such as moving average and more.

Forex traders basically profit from the market by buying or selling certain currencies, known as currency pairs. For instance, if you think that EUR is going up against the dollar, then simply choose to buy EURUSD in the MT4 software. You will convert USD to EUR. Otherwise, if you think that EUR is going down, then simply convert EUR to USD, that is by choosing sell in the meta trader 4 platform.

Can you trade currencies on standard money changer?
The answer is, yes you can. But still, it will cost you lots of time and money. This is because you need to wait in front of the money changer counter, or banks for USD, EUR or whatever currency pairs that you are trading, whether to go up or down. Plus, the spread, in other words, the transaction cost is much higher and it is less flexible. You can save lots of time by just using standard online forex brokers.


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