Nova App is a scam. The truth here

The fact that you’ve found our site here, means that you want to find out the truth about the Nova Trader App. Or perhaps you are looking for Nova App homepage and want to sign up. Before you even enter your name and email on the website, we just want to warn you that this trading robot is not even legit, in other words, yes it is a scam.

A little bit about binary options trading and why the $1350 per day claim is not even true
You might be new to binary options or forex trading, so let us explain a little bit about programs like these. Unless you live under the rock, probably you’ve heard about stock market trading. However, since the creation of the internet, online trading started to get wider and bigger. This is due to the fact anyone can trade at home or on the road, as long as they have the internet connection. 

In forex trading, for example, you make money for every pip count. For example, if you think that Euro, is going up against USD, then you simply choose to buy. Otherwise, if you think that this currency is going down, then simply choose to sell.

Binary options trading, on the other hand, is different. You choose the option call if you think that the asset, let say EURUSD is going up. Otherwise, if you think that the asset is going down, then choose put. If your prediction is correct, then you will earn back your money plus profit. For example, if you choose to call and then trade $10, then you will earn $18 per trade. Otherwise, if your prediction is wrong, then you will lose all of your money. Some people claim that binary options trading is gambling, but the truth is it isn’t.

However, can you make up to $1000 per day with binary options trading? Of course not
Nova Trader App advertised that you can earn up to $3000 per day with this program, but if you look at the way binary options trading works, there is no way you can earn that kind of money unless you are a trader with a big budget. In other words, if you are a newbie who fell into a hype, then probably you are not at the level where you can earn that kind of money. 

The good thing is, Nova App dashboard can be accessed for free
Yes, if you entered the correct name and email address, together with your phone number, you can access the software dashboard of Nova App for free. However, we don’t recommend you to do that. Why? Because you can see how this software looks like by scrolling down the homepage of Nova App. 

There is nothing special about this product since that is actually a platform provided by standard binary options broker. Also, keep in mind that this software won’t operate properly, just like that, for free. What we are trying to say here, is once you are inside the member’s area, you are required to deposit $250 into one chosen broker account. Otherwise, this software won’t make you money and you cannot see how this software works.

Alternatives to Nova App
We don’t like the fact this program is lying to their customers. We don’t care about the income claim since there is no way anyone can guarantee your own success.

Now, what anyone should look for in a binary options product? Well:

  1. The software or trading robot must be able to be tested on a demo account. In case you are new, a demo account is actually a trial version of any binary options software where you will be given fake money, usually up to $10,000 in one account where you can make mistakes and test the strategies yourself. You don’t need to spend a dime on real money until you are ready. Therefore, if one trading robot doesn’t perform well on a demo account, you can assume that it is actually a fake software or at least not working for you. Make sense?
  2. The ability to customize your trading styles and most importantly budget. This is very important. Traders with a big budget will have no problem of depositing at least $1000 into the trading account, but most people who are into these type of software are actually on a low budget. Which means, $250 is the only amount you’ve got. This is the reason why it is super important to find a real software that allows you to keep the risk as small as you can and then customize the indicators.

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