Regal Wealth App is a scam

Regal Wealth App is a brand new system that claims you can make up to $605 per hour with a brand new software. The first thing that you should realise is the fact that kind of income is actually just a fake claim to sell you this app. There is no way anyone can guarantee that kind of success, unless if you already an expert in making money.

As a matter of fact, let us proof that to you by showing the income disclaimer right at the bottom of Regal Wealth website.

Yes, as you can see above, people who appear in the Regal Wealth website is actually actors and not even real person or traders. This is actually a new system and there is no way anyone can guarantee results for you.

Regal Wealth is actually about binary options trading
You might already familiar with this, but Regal Wealth is actually about making money with binary options trading. Unless you live under the rock in the past decades, probably you’ve heard about the stock market or perhaps forex trading. In forex trading, for example, if you think that the currency pair, let say, EURUSD is going up, then you simply choose to buy the currency, EURUSD. If you think that this pair is going down, then simply choose to sell this currency pair.

In binary options trading, it works differently. If you think that the asset, let say EURUSD is going up after certain time period, let say one hour, simply choose call. You need to invest a certain amount of money, let say $10 per trade. Otherwise, if you think that this asset is going down, then choose put.

You don’t need to set stop loss or take profit, unlike in forex trading. You will profit once the time period is over. If your prediction is correct after that time of period, let say one hour, you will gain back the amount invested plus 85% of profit. In other words, if you choose to invest $10, then after one hour, you will earn $18.5. Otherwise, if your prediction is wrong, then you will lose all $10.

Some people claim that this is gambling, but most traders disagree. That is because there are tonnes of variables that you can manipulate in order to make real money.

Can Regal Wealth make $605 per hour?

The short answer is no. If you see how binary options trading works, then you should realise that there is no way you can earn that kind of money, unless if you bet tonnes of money at the beginning of the trade. This is actually just an attempt to make you sign up for unregulated binary options broker.

The good news is, anyone, can access the Regal Wealth dashboard for free
In case you are curious, you can actually see how Regal Wealth software looks like by entering your name, email and a phone number into the website. As a matter of fact, we actually have real access to this software. While this product is being advertised as automated and manual service, it is actually just a signal service. Let us show how this product software dashboard looks like:

While this product is being advertised as automated and manual service, it is actually just a signal service, so in other words, you need to trade manually. There is no option to trade with automated software, so in case you are looking for a push button software here, you will be disappointed. Let us show how this product software dashboard looks like:

Let us show how this product software dashboard looks like:

The pop-up and video that appears in front of our browser distract us from seeing the real member’s area, but as you can see behind the pop-up window, this is actually a signal service and not an automated software. You are not allowed to see how the member’s area looks like unless you’ve deposited real money into their recommended broker and we don’t recommend that you do that, by the way.

If you want to make real money with trading, Regal Wealth is not the software that you should go for
There are tonnes of other software that is far superior compared to Regal Wealth. Even better, you can test them with a demo account first, before putting real money on the line. Therefore, we don’t recommend Regal Wealth to anyone who read this post.

You don’t want to get started with a software like this. Here are a few guidelines in case you want to find a binary options trading software:

  • The software itself must be able to be tested on a demo account first before you even putting real money on the line. In case you didn’t know, a demo account is a trial version of any trading account where you can test one particular trading strategy before putting real money. You will be given thousands of dollars of fake money inside a demo account and make as many mistakes as possible before depositing real money into the broker account. If the strategy or software robot works on a demo account, then probably it will work like a charm on a real account. Make sense?
  • While we don’t like the term software robot, there is a few software that really works, but it must come with settings to control your budget, based on market conditions, indicators and more. A real software that works must look like this:

  • Professional traders always choose a real, regulated binary options or forex broker and so should you. In case you didn’t know, there is a huge difference between a regulated broker and unregulated ones. A regulated broker must come with a demo account plus if you deposited money into the real account, you will be able to withdraw the fund. Unregulated brokers, on the other hand, doesn’t have some kind of license from the local government, so if you deposited money into an unregulated broker, chances are, you cannot withdraw the fund. Too bad, Regal Wealth recommends an unregulated binary broker, which should trigger a red flag to professional traders.

Is there software that can perform better than Regal Wealth?
There is, but not many of them. (To be honest, majority of them are complete junk). We highly recommend that you choose programs like Automated Binary or Option Robot to trade and make real profits. Yes, you can try this software risk-free, since they come with a demo account.

Read our review of Option Robot here or if you want to read our in-depth review about Automated Binary, click here.


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