Cryptocurrency brokerages are in high demand these days, given that the crypto market is growing rapidly and this means countless new opportunities for people to explore. If you also want to join others in the same endeavor, your priority should be to find a reliable and efficient brokerage that can help you in doing so. While a number of existing companies have added crypto to their offerings, it is better to opt for one that specializes in this market because it is a tad different from the others. Your quest for a brokerage will bring you to this Cryptopoint72 review.

Founded by Cryptop72 LTD in 2013, it is a Bitcoin-based platform that has become quite well-known for its crypto trading services. Cryptopoint72 has managed to expand its operations in different countries around the world because of its 100% transparent and quality services. How can you be sure of it? All you have to do is check out its most prominent features. What are they? Some of them are highlighted below:

Extensive range of cryptocurrencies

The first and most prominent feature of Cryptopoint72 that you will notice right away is the extensive range of cryptocurrencies they are offering. If you have done your research into the crypto market, you should be aware by now that there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that can be traded. But, are all of them created equal? Of course not.

Like any other financial market, the cryptocurrency market also has some popular options that have high risks, but can offer high returns and others that may not be as profitable. Many platforms may promise you the best options, but they tend to be fairly limited. Luckily, it becomes clear quickly that Cryptopoint72 has added more than 100 of the top cryptocurrencies in the market and this can give you substantial profits.

State-of-the-art security protocols

The security protocols at Cryptopoint72 are second to none and will definitely strike you as a great feature of the brokerage. They protect your account via 2FA (two-factor authentication), so no outsider can access it without your permission. Your cryptocurrencies are kept in cold storage and your fiat money in segregated accounts to avoid any misappropriation and theft.

Their technical and security team checks the system regularly to prevent any breaches and the use of 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption at Cryptopoint72 keeps your data safe. They are also compliant with Anti-money Laundering (AML) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies and this can mitigate the risks of financial fraud, identity theft and money laundering.

Robust trading solutions

The trading solutions that a broker offers are a feature worth checking out and Cryptopoint72 does not disappoint. They have developed platforms for the modern trader to use easily and efficiently for their trading needs. The web trading platform needs no downloading and is compatible with different operating systems. You can customize the dashboard as per your needs and use the intuitive interface to your advantage.

There are mobile trading apps that Cryptopoint72 has added for Android and iOS that help you trade on the move. No matter which platform you opt for, you will find that each is equipped with advanced trading tools, such as live charts, economic calendar, and cryptocurrency trading signals, price alerts and various order types for risk management.

Professional customer assistance

Another prominent feature that you discover at Cryptopoint72 is their professional customer assistance. They understand the importance of timely support and have added various channels that can be used for contacting their team. The representatives are quite capable and can be contacted round the clock via email and phone. You can also have them call you by filling out the form given on their website. They will respond to you quickly and do their best to solve your problem quickly.

Closing Words

With these prominent features, you will not have any trouble deciding that Cryptopoint72 can be the right broker for crypto trading.