Are you a trader or someone who is trying to become a trader? If yes, you are going through the same stages that I did a few years back when I was beginning as a trader. If I could give you one piece of advice before you start trading it would be to not neglect the importance of security when signing up with an online platform. Pick one that offers security in all form and if you are having a hard time finding one like that, this PoloTrade365 review should definitely help you find one.

In this review, I will talk about how PoloTrade365 has ensured that its traders feel safe when they trade on its platform. There are many ways it has offered them security and here are only some of them.

and Account Protection

Before you begin trading with PoloTrade365 or any other platform for that matter, the first thing you have to do is to open a trading account. To open a trading account, you have to give out your personal details including your identification number, physical address, and more. In addition to that, you will also be giving out your banking details for depositing and withdrawing funds. PoloTrade365 secures your daily sign-ins through 2FA authentication. Through this advancement, the company requires you to enter a onetime password after you enter your regular password.

The information you provide first gets encrypted to travel safely on the internet lines and then gets saved on secured servers for your peace of mind. The company has also put in place a system that is always monitoring your account for unusual activities. It notifies you whenever it sees something that may seem out of the ordinary or unusual in terms of transaction sizes and frequency.

Funds Protection for All

In addition to your information, you deposit funds in your online trading account and the broker has to ensure that it protects your funds in every way possible. So, the company has made sure to pick only regulated banks from the list of banks that can store your funds. Secondly, it has created a separate account for traders’ funds. What it means is that every penny that traders drop in the account goes into this separate account, which you can also refer to as segregated funds. This shows the level of seriousness that PoloTrade365 has to make the lives of its traders easier.

The funds you deposit are always visible to you through your trading account. It takes only a few seconds to request a withdrawal from your account. It might take a few days for processing the withdrawal but you will have to use the method of depositing funds to withdraw funds. Last but not least, it should make you happy that this broker does not charge you any extra commissions on your deposits. You can deposit funds in your account without worrying about the amount that goes as a commission to the broker.

Protecting Interests of Traders

Now that you know about the security of your funds and information, the third most important thing is your interest as a trader. The broker has to make sure that it builds a relationship of trust with you and to do that, it has to show commitment to your interests. PoloTrade365 does that by ensuring that every trader who signs up on its platform meets the criteria set by the KYC and AML policies. The adherence to these policies do send away a few traders, but in their best interest, the broker had ensured this standard for everyone who joins its online trading platform.

Final Thoughts

Don’t ever ignore this particular factor when you begin trading. It does not matter how many perks the online trading platform offers you. If you are not secure on the platform, you might not even get any of those things that you were promised when you signed up on the platform.