The sheer number of online brokerages that are offering their services to traders is enough to overwhelm anyone. Most people are flabbergasted to realize that they have to navigate through a sea of choices to find the one broker that can be the best choice for them. Suffice it to say, this is no easy task and most people will struggle. How can you simplify this? One way of doing this is by checking this PrimeOakmont review because it allows you to learn about the top three offerings of the broker. While a broker offers numerous services to its clients, there are some on which you just cannot compromise.

Therefore, it is essential to know if these services are available at PrimeOakmont, especially when you are considering it as a potential platform for your trading needs. The brokerage was launched in 2013 and is Bitcoin powered, which makes it a unique offering in the market. It is operating globally in more than 150 countries and this has drawn a great deal of attention. The question is whether it can provide you the essentials, or not and you can find the answers here:

Their extensive asset index

The first offering of the broker that has to be evaluated is their asset index because this indicates what instruments you can trade and the markets you can access. Is it important? Yes, it is of the utmost importance because what you trade will determine the risks you are taking on and the profits you can make in the long run. Many people are under the misconception that only cryptocurrencies can be traded on the PrimeOakmont platform because it is Bitcoin-based.

However, it is only when you really delve into their asset index that you discover that PrimeOakmont gives you access to a wide range of trading instruments that belong to different financial markets in the world. They have instruments from the forex, indices, stock, and commodities market as well. More than 100 instruments are available and this enables you to diversify as much as you want.

Their trading software

The next offering of the broker that you should be aware of is their trading software because it is what helps you connect to the financial markets and execute your trades. If the software is outdated, or lacks proper trading tools and features, you will not be able to trade profitably. Therefore, you have to check it out and you will find several options available at PrimeOakmont for the traders. The first is a web trading platform that you access through the broker’s website.

It doesn’t have to be downloaded, which makes it convenient and the advanced technology they have used provides ultra-fast trade execution. The platform boasts a fully customizable layout as well, which allows easy navigation. You will also find some of the most powerful trading tools integrated with the platform at PrimeOakmont like numerous indicators, various chart types, direct trading from the chart, trading signals and price alerts.

In fact, mobile trading apps have also been added by PrimeOakmont for their clients, which can be downloaded on your device and used for trading from anywhere.

Their safety policies and measures

One thing you shouldn’t compromise on is security and PrimeOakmont has reassured that its clients do not need to do so. They have implemented top-notch security policies like AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer), which can be effective in reducing risks like financial fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

They have also ensured that all data they accumulate from their clients remains safe under full data encryption, thanks to the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. Accounts at PrimeOakmont are kept segregated, so your funds are only used for trading activities and nothing more, which keeps them safe.

Closing Word

These top three offerings at PrimeOakmont indicate that the broker is committed to providing an optimal trading experience to its clients.