Are you checking out different online brokers to start trading? It can be exciting to consider the prospect of buying and selling trading instruments in order to make profits. But, the process of having to choose a brokerage can become tiring quickly because the choices seem never-ending. It is expected that every company will tout their own services, but how do you find a reliable and dependable choice? You do not want to make the wrong choice and regret your decision. Your goal should be to find a platform that can offer everything vital to the trading process, instead of focusing on just one aspect. You will find this TCN Markets review useful here.

Why? This review can give you an overview of the offerings at TCN Markets, a popular online broker that has rapidly expanded its services to about 52 countries globally. With almost 12,000 satisfied clients and plenty of awards under its belt, the brokerage will definitely grab your attention. An overview of their offerings can help you make the right choice. Check them out below:

Asset index

The asset index of TCN Markets will be the first thing you notice because it is very extensive and not many brokers can claim to offer you such a variety in one place. Their asset index comprises of more than 1,000 assets that belong to some of the biggest financial markets in the world. This includes the foreign exchange market, stocks market, indices and also commodities. Anyone who decides to open an account with the brokerage will be able to diversify their portfolio as much as they want and this will help them in making the maximum profits.

Trading software

The trading software is vital because you use it for trade execution and TCN Markets has developed a desktop solution that boasts innovative technology for delivering ultra-fast and one-click execution. The user-friendly interface is suitable for beginners and advanced traders alike. They have also integrated a plethora of trading tools to assist traders in the decision-making process. Some of these include live charts, price alerts, trading signals, an economic calendar and risk management tools. There are also mobile trading solutions available that can work on both Android and iOS ecosystems and allow trading on the move for everyone.

Account types

As opening an account is the whole point of using a broker’s services, you need to know what account types they have developed and TCN Markets gives you four types to choose from. Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP are the types and their minimum deposits are $1,000, $10,000, $50,000 and $250,000. All of these accounts come with their own features that can help traders in making the most of their experience. These include an account manager, daily market briefs, individual updates, webinars and seminars, negative equity protection and customer support. A demo account is also available for those who may want some practice.

Safety features

As safety is a prominent concern in the online world, you will find that TCN Markets has used some of the top safety measures for reassuring their clients. They have chosen to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology for encrypting the data they accumulate during the sign up and trading process. The funds that are deposited with them are kept in segregated accounts for ensuring there are no discrepancies, or misappropriation of any kind.

Customer support

Another area that needs attention is customer support because you will require help at one point or the other and TCN Markets has delivered. Their FAQ section is certainly useful because there are answers to some questions you can find. They have also added 24/6 support that you can reach through phone, or send an email for getting a response.

Closing Thoughts

An overview of the offerings at TCN Markets show their dedication to providing their clients with a dependable and reliable solution for trading in the financial markets of their choice.