As much as you would expect things to go down in terms of crypto trading, they haven’t for everyone after the collapse of the FTX empire. Some of the biggest exchanges in various countries of the world have shown positive occurrences after FTX collapsed and Swiss Stock Exchange is one of them.

The other big name that saw boosted trading volumes was Binance. The crypto trading volume in the month of November was impressive on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Compared to the previous month, November saw an increase of more than 85% in the volume of trading.

An Overall Crypto Trading Boost

November and the many coming months ahead might just be the best time for every cryptocurrency broker to open their doors for new crypto traders based on the patterns observed in the Swiss Stock Exchange.

The main exchange of the country, and also one of the largest in the region, saw nearly 10500 exchanges of cryptocurrencies throughout the month of November. The total number of digital currencies that changed hands were 209.

One of the most impressive things that happened during the month was that Ethereum remained the king of volume on the exchange, making up nearly 25% of all transactions.

The Increase in Trades Is Significant

The noteworthy part of the story is that the increase in trades has been significant. It is not to be ignored like that. This increased trading volume and number of transactions have resulted in giving hope to the crypto investors after they were disappointed when FTX filed bankruptcy.

They had thought everything was gone and some people even believed cryptocurrencies were dying. However, the recent rise of regulations around cryptocurrencies in many countries of the world, such as Portugal and Italy, make it clear that the crypto industry is here to stay.

Ethereum Could Be a Major Player

Looking at the current trends and patterns in online crypto trading, it is becoming clearly evident that Ethereum has emerged as a strong and reliable cryptocurrency for millions of people around the world. Its high volume of trading on Six Swiss Exchange proves that point.